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gas and mass flow meter for hot sale with high precision

24VDC Stable Liquid Gas Coriolis Mass Flow Meter With High

GMF900-P High precision stable liquid gas Coriolis mass flow meter. Product Overview. GMF900-P Series coriolis mass flow meter is a device that directly measures mass flow by using the Coriolis force principle that produces a fluid proportional to mass flow when flowing in a vibrating conduit. , consists of flow detection components and converters. Advanced Precision Air Mass Flow Meters Sierra InstrumentsThe QuadraTherm® 640i is the most accurate insertion-probe thermal mass flow meter for air / gas mass flow rate measurement on the market today, achieving gas mass flow rate accuracy never before possible, +/- 0.75% of reading above 50% of full scale.

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Description:Mass flow meter and mass flow controller options with metal seal, Multi Range, Multi Gas user configurable analog / digital. Z500X is the world's leading gas Mass Flow Controller With high accuracy +/- 1.0% S.P, piezo actuator valve, high speed response and being Mass Flow Rate Range:1.38E-6 to 1.38 lbs/min Flow KOBOLD USAFLOW MEASUREMENT. KOBOLD offers a variety of flow sensors that can directly determine the flow rate of a gas or a liquid. We also offer many models of flow transmitters that can both monitor and control flow. Depending on the application variables and media specifications, different flowmeters or flow monitors can be used. Hot-film air-mass meterDigital air mass measurement. For efficient fuel combustion, the injected fuel mass must be perfectly matched to the air supply in the engine cylinder. In addition, the hot-film mass air-flow sensor hot-film air-mass meter featuring digital technology measures the air mass in the combustion chamber.

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Principle of measurement The system uses the Hot Film anemometer principle. This reliable technique is based on the fact that a flowing gas transfers heat from a heated object. This flow dependant heat loss is directly proportional to the gas mass flow rate. Leading edge technology has been used to develop a family of highly stable Low Flow Experts - Max Precision Flow MetersDiscover High Resolution Precision Flow Measurement for Your Needs Measure down to 0.005 cc/min with our high resolution 12,000 pulses/cc ultra low flow P001 piston flow meter. Great for chemical injection and valve testing. MASS-VIEW® MV-304 Bronkhorst - Mass flow meters MASS-VIEW ® model MV-304 Mass Flow Regulators (MFRs) are suited for precise measurement of flow ranges between 0,042 l n /min and 0,220 l n /min at operating pressures up to 10 bar(g). The MFR has an integrated graphical OLED display, clearly visible at wide angles, which allows reading of actual flow (value and a bar graph), total flow and type of gas.

MASS-VIEW® MV-396-H2 Bronkhorst - Mass flow meters

MASS-VIEW ® model MV-396-H2 Mass Flow Regulators (MFRs) are suited for precise measurement and control of flow ranges between 0,210 l n /min and 1100 l n /min hydrogen at operating pressures up to 10 bar(g). The MFR has an integrated graphical OLED display, clearly visible at wide angles, which allows reading of actual flow (value and a bar graph), total flow and type of gas. MAXREFDES70#:High-Precision, Long-Battery Life Heat/Flow Introduction. Accurate, cost-effective, ultrasonic flow meters key a transformation in liquid and gas flow measurement. Critical for revenue collection, leak detection and conservation of critical natural resources, flow meters lie at the heart of utility and industrial distribution systems of water, gas and heat. Mass Flow Controllers Digital & Thermal Flow Meters As the global leader in precision fluid measurement and control, mass flow meter manufacturer Brooks Instrument continues to innovate thermal mass flow technology. From thermal flow sensors and mass flow metering systems, we continually launch new products and enhance existing systems to unlock new levels of thermal mass flow measurement

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Vögtlin Instruments GmbH is a Swiss Designer of Gas flow Measurement and Control Instruments. Vögtlin has over 25 years of experience in designing and manufacturing high precision Thermal Mass Flow Meters and Controllers, Variable Area Flow Meters and Control Valves. Oxygen Flowmeters Hospital Products Precision MedicalFlowmeters. We offer a variety of flowmeters to meet any clinical application. Choose from compact designs that fit more easily into space-cramped wall rails, pediatric flowmeters with shock protection, multiple connection options, and more. Precision Flow Meters - Home - Max Precision Flow MetersMax Precision Flow Meters' piston, gear, and helical positive displacement meters measure flows from 0.005 cc/min up to 500 liters/min at accuracies to 0.2% of reading.

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LLGQ Gas Roots /Waist Wheel Flow Meter The gas roots flowmeter has been used as a volumetric meter for more than 100 years. With the features such as high precision, wide range, small volume, light weight, convenient installation and maintenance, reliable and durable service life, it is widely used in natural gas, coal gas, air and other gas flowmeters.It is an ideal flowmeter device for urban Mass Flow Meters for Gases SensirionOur mass flow meters ensure fast, accurate and economical measurements of gas flow over a wide dynamic range. They are extremly reliable and long-term stable and are free from zero-point drift. At the heart of every mass flow sensor is a MEMS based calorimetric microsensor, which measures the gas flow using the thermal measurement principle.