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dongfeng 6 4 tank truck for sale diesel oil storage tank 2


 · Web view1512.11.10.00-4 Crude sunflower-seed oil 1512.11.20.00-2 Crude safflower oil 1512.19.10.00-6 Refined sunflower-seed oil and its fractions 1512.19.20.00-4 Refined safflower oil and its fractions 1512.21.00.00-4 Crude cotton-seed oil, whether or not gossypol has been removed 1512.29.00.00-6 Refined cotton-seed oil and its fractions 1513.11.00.00-5 mofcom.gov.cn · Web viewThe main products include fire monitor, turret, low/medium expansion foam extinguishing system, anticollision adjustable voltage fire hydrant, petrochemical special fire hydrant box, oil tank cooling spray device, Marine fire monitor, foam extinguishing s ANHUI FEIDA FIRE-FIGHTING EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD 2012125111A0014 2012-08-14 0555-6612119 0555 [PPT]PowerPoint Presentation · Web view580 storage Double cup holder Wide berth Comfortable seats, generous space Large-capacity storage compartment, cup holder, wide berth Air-conditioning, heater reading lights MP3/CD/DVD DongFeng Kingrun Attention to detail, comfort medium truck Light Truck 4*2 Medium Truck 6*2 Medium Truck 6.1 7.1 6.2 7.5 6.6 8.6 the box inner length (m